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Your Freight Manager assisting you with your courier and logistic needs.

Dlamini Luyanda_edited_edited.jpg

Luyanda Dlumini

Industrial Transport Freight Manager

"Not being able to swim has taught me how not to drown".

What do I mean...? Challenges will forever exist but success is not guaranteed.  With that perspective, I choose to always give an effort

to overcome any situation I am being faced with & which has allowed me to at least co-exist with my problems and not be overwhelmed by them

- Resilience.


My most treasured source is GOD, Christ Jesus! Learning to listen

to His Word and abide by it requires much self-denial as not every blessing I receive is for me

- Faith.


Pain & Death provide me with the most unforgettable lessons in life. Pain is a reminder that I am still alive! Death requires not my permission to visit, therefore is the beginning of something new

- Perspective 

In short, Perception determines > Reception determines > Reward!

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